How to Bet on Roulette on roulete


Roulette is a casino game that involves a revolving wheel where bets are placed against the house. Bets are made until the croupier announces no more bets.

There are several types of bets in roulette and they all have different odds and payouts. There are also different betting zones on the table.


While roulette games may look similar, there are a few differences that can affect the house edge and payouts. For example, American roulette features a double zero, which increases the house edge and decreases your odds of winning. If you are trying to play roulette for real money, you should avoid this variant.

The best roulette variants offer a friendly house edge and a variety of betting options. For instance, French roulette retains the European roulette rules and offers En prison and La Partage, which give players half their bet back if their losing bets land on 0. Other variations include Key Bet Roulette, which expands betting options with novel features and offers additional prizes for inside and outside bets. Some roulette variants also offer higher payouts, such as Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming, which delivers multipliers of up to 500x your bet.


There are a number of betting options available on roullete. These include high/low, column and dozens bets. The high/low bet essentially asks you to predict whether the ball will land on a high or low number. If you make this prediction correctly, your bet will be doubled. The column bet asks you to place your chips on a specific column on the roulette table and if the ball lands in that column, you will win 2 to 1. Outside bets also include voisins du zero (neighbors of the zero, 17 numbers closest to it), jeu zero (zero game) and le tiers du cylindre (12 numbers that are the same as the first, second or third dozens). These bets pay 2-1.